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Welcome to São João da Madeira

More than 600 children are learning Mandarin in city schools

Learning mandarin since eight years old

In São João da Madeira, Portugal shoe capital, specializes in high quality models, the schools are teaching Mandarin since 2013, following a project of the municipality.

One of the objectives is to give to our youth competitive advantages to improve, in the near future, the relations with China, an increasingly important country in our globalized world.

City officials believe that to speak and better understand Chinese language and civilization is the key that will upgrade the friendship and trade with this great culture.

More than 600 children are learning mandarin in the public schools of São joão da Madeira. And they are enjoying it. They start the contact with the Chinese language at the age of eight years and the idea is to carry on with the language studies until the end of secondary school.

The Portuguese government is watching the town's experiment closely and starts to replicate the initiative throughout the country.

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How to arrive

40.897345, -008.488608
40° 53′ 50.44″ N 008° 29′ 18.99″ W


From Porto (North)

Highway A1
Exit S. M. Feira/S. João da Madeira

Highway A32
Exit S. João da Madeira Centro/ Vale Cambra

From Aveiro (South)

Highway A1
Exit Estarreja /Oliveira de Azeméis
Exit S. João da Madeira Centro/ Vale Cambra

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