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Welcome to São João da Madeira

The Oliva Art Museum harbours two unique collections

The Oliva Art Museum

The Oliva Nucleus Art Museum, which opened in late 2013, is a cultural institution that aims to sensitise the audience to contemporary art and artistic expression as a foundation for a creative and innovative city, by being a place for debate and reflexion about contemporary society and a spot for promotion and for cultural and creative development in the region.

Taking on the responsibility of stimulating and broadening knowledge, fruition and confrontation between communities with new artistic practices, by fulfilling its mission, the Oliva Art Nucleus is an all-inclusive space, a space for independence and excellence, a space for education and leisure, a space for questions and challenges, a space for creativity and thought.

The Oliva Nucleus Art Museum harbours two unique and unavoidable collections in the Iberian landscape.

The Norlinda and José Lima Collection comprises several multifaceted artists and projects combining drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and video, and it was the basis of the inaugural exhibition at the Oliva Art Nucleus.

The Treger-Saint Silvestre Collection comprises hubs of outsider art, marginal art and contemporary art as well as hubs of an ethnographic vocation, such as a collection of contemporary crucifixes and Haitian Voodoo Art.

These collections, along with several others from congener institutions or private collections, will be part of an aspiring project to divulge and promote art in the northern region.

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How to arrive

40.897345, -008.488608
40° 53′ 50.44″ N 008° 29′ 18.99″ W


From Porto (North)

Highway A1
Exit S. M. Feira/S. João da Madeira

Highway A32
Exit S. João da Madeira Centro/ Vale Cambra

From Aveiro (South)

Highway A1
Exit Estarreja /Oliveira de Azeméis
Exit S. João da Madeira Centro/ Vale Cambra

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