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Welcome to São João da Madeira

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The “heart” of the city is its pedestrian area

Quality of life

Quality of life is one of the icons of S. João da Madeira, the biggest urban centre between the cities of Aveiro and Oporto. With the help of great names in urbanism, the city's leisure green areas were planned in accordance with the architectonic quality of the public buildings.

The “heart” of the city is its pedestrian area, which includes the Luís Ribeiro Square and its surrounding streets. This open-air commercial centre is filled with terraces where an innovative solution for urban mobility was applied.

With great industrial diversity and a well-known footwear industry, S. João da Madeira is one of the most skilled industrial and business centres in the country.

The wireless network Sanjonet ensures that, from virtually anywhere in the city, one can easily get in touch with the rest of the world.

For a business meeting or a leisure trip, S. João da Madeira is sure to offer quality hotels and numerous appreciated restaurants.

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How to arrive

40.897345, -008.488608
40° 53′ 50.44″ N 008° 29′ 18.99″ W


From Porto (North)

Highway A1
Exit S. M. Feira/S. João da Madeira

Highway A32
Exit S. João da Madeira Centro/ Vale Cambra

From Aveiro (South)

Highway A1
Exit Estarreja /Oliveira de Azeméis
Exit S. João da Madeira Centro/ Vale Cambra

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